Wednesday, July 16, 2008

entertaining documentary

I enjoyed watching The King of Kong. Gave me a good throwback to the early days of video arcade games. I still haven't figured out the name of the racing game that I could roll over. I remember the feeling of having 30 people behind the machine watching me roll it over and play for an hour on one quarter.

I found it entertaining that class video game competition is still going. So geeky :)

I continue on my swimming kick. I can now swim laps in a pool for forty minutes without taking a break. On my first swim a few weeks ago I lasted about 1 minute. Swimming really hits a lot of muscles I haven't used in years. I also did a 6.5 mile run yesterday. I just have an issue with oxygen lately. I just always feel a bit short of breath during heavy workouts. With swimming I just don't quite have the good timing of breathing yet, and with running the heat seems to suck all the wind out of me. Maybe I need more iron in my diet.

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