Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Drags On

This summer is trickling along and seems to be lasting forever, but I never seem to have any free time :(

One of these days I want a vacation. I can't remember the last one I went on. Was it 2005? It is so easy to see why the "sabbatical" concept is so good. I just need a year of extending myself in to something different and unique. Why can't the business world adopt the policy?

Swimming has become my relaxing hobby. I can swim for an hour doing back and forth laps. I go from freestyle to breast stroke, to back stroke.

Football season is just around the corner. Looking forward to lazy Sundays, but if it doesn't cool off at all this year it won't be enjoyable. I think I had my air conditioner running in to November last year. May the fall be cool.

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