Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall has arrived

Work has just been mentally crushing the past few months. I haven't taken a day off this year. I pretty much have the full month of December off. That will feel good. I still have no plans for what to do. I wonder if I will still have any money. The market has pretty much taken every dime from my 401k, stocks, and bonds. At least I still have money under my mattress :)

I'm still swimming 2-3 times each week. Feels great. And running is continuing. I still haven't signed up for any marathons this year. I really need to pay the money to the knee doc one of these days and have an MRI done to my left knee. It never recovered from when I yanked it a few years back. The tendon on the left side of the left knee is not a happy camper.

I just haven't had the energy to do much posting here lately. Ragweed hasn't been helping. Very bad year for it.

Time for some dinner....

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